QTUM, the Ethereum Killer, denies all attempted homicide charges!

Qtum is a hybrid platform where developers are able to write Ethereum-style smart contracts using Bitcoin’s UTXO format and this is why they are sometimes referred to as the “Ethereum Killer.”

Jordan Earls, co-founder of Qtum, states that their purpose is not to kill off Ethereum, but to acknowledge the shortcomings of the platform in order to address and improve them. The blockchain industry is still quite small, and the crypto community is working towards its enhancement and development, thus wiping off Ethereum, an entirely imperative platform, is not in the Qtum team’s best interest. And this is great because it does allow for some healthy competition to take place, thus encouraging the community’s finest to constantly improve and enhance their products and services, leading to the relentless development of the crypto community. 

Recently, the Qtum team has made the news for launching their newest platform called Ignition, which permits the access of smart contracts on mobile phones through a safe network. Ignition is made up of a self-governing component titled the decentralized governance protocol (DGP) and this latest advancement has made Qtum the first autonomous blockchain in the industry.


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