About us

Concent is founded by business executives who believe that future economic models are shaped by technology and by empowering people. Our team delivers a combination of creative and innovative ideas with robust corporate practice.

We are inspired by blockchain and we search for new applications of the technology.
We admire cryptocurrency pioneers and we create products that foster the growth of the community.
We count on decentralized, open source tools and we pay back by sharing our knowledge.
We leverage the disruptive potential of peer-to-peer networks by bringing in the best business practices.
We cooperate with traditional business leaders to learn from their experience and industry insight.


Incentive engineering, game theory, agent based modeling and simulation.

Smart contracts

We develop smart contracts that empower your clients and provide automated, secure environment for your business transactions.

Blockchain integration

Revolutionize your business with blockchain technology. With our knowledge of various industry applications, we will find the right solution that fits your specific field.

Decentralized system development

We can build your system from scratch or can upgrade, adopting it to blockchain. Our experienced team takes care of the full development life cycle, from A to Z.

Source code audit

Need an audit of the source code? We are the right team to perform it. Our team of experienced engineers fully review the architecture and smart contracts codebase and provide a detailed report.

Security testing

Breaking down to each node that provides the ultimate solution our developers will test each node separately insuring a bug-free end result.

Training and consulting

We will train your staff from executives to engineers and will share the most useful and key knowledge with you based on our experience.

Payment method integrations

Already have a business? What to accept cryptocurrency payments? We will integrate the payment methods that fit your business best.