Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Posted on December 1st, 2018 in Senior Developer by Admin

- Develop standards-compliant responsive UI using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other frameworks;
- Design and implement highly scalable and distributed backend systems using Node.js;
- Develop and integrate with cutting-edge blockchain technologies;
- Integrate web applications with other 3rd party web services;
- Design and implement security and data protection;
- Design and implement data storage solutions;
- Participate in product planning and task estimation, deliver on time;
- Collaborate with other team members, help and coach junior team members;
- Contribute to the best coding practices and standards used across the team;
- Implement automated testing platforms and unit tests;
- Troubleshoot and debug applications;
- Deploy and maintain the health of the production LiveSite;
- Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.

- BS degree in Computer Science or a related area or equivalent working experience;
- Significant development experience in Node.js;
- Strong knowledge of Web standards and protocols, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP;
- Experience with one or more client-side UI frameworks such as Angular, React, etc.;
- Good knowledge of English language.

- Experience in designing and implementing data storage;
- Experience in designing and implementing large scale distributed web services;
- Good knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies;
- Experience with user authentication/ authorization workflows;
- Experience with security protocols and encryption technologies;
- Experience with cryptography;
- Experience in integrating with 3rd party payment processing systems;
- Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English language.


APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Please send your CV to: [email protected] with "Proof of Attention" in the subject line. 

OPENING DATE:  20 December 2018


ABOUT COMPANY:  Concent LLC is specializing in decentralized applications. The Company's blockchain development team is involved in projects in Europe and Middle East.

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